API Management

We pride ourselves in being leaders in innovation and technology. Through our Integration Center of Excellence, we help customers take a peek into the future. The team can assist with cutting edge research into the API Economy and solve future business problems with the available technology. We can also assist you in setting up an API Center of Excellence within your organization as well.

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Big Data, BI and Analytics

With the emergence of Mobile and Social, the amount of data being generated by IT systems has soared. Users around the world are generating heterogeneous and raw data every second. A user at a grocery store is generating preference data during his billing. A girl buying her wedding dress is posting preference data onto social media. Data is everywhere and it is time enterprises leverage this data to accelerate business growth.

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Digital Experience

Today’s business is not about your storefront (or) your top sales executive. Your business is being driven by exceptional web experience, which helps to engage and capture your customers, partners, and employees. With over 2 Billion Internet users it is crucial for businesses to create web experiences that help develop relationships with their users. It is important to simplify the user experience and give them exactly what they need when needed.

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SOA Integration

An enterprise whose business processes are integrated end-to-end across the organization with key partners, suppliers and customer will be able to respond with better speed and agility to any customer demand, market opportunity, (or) external threat.

Over the years, Miracle has gained experience and expertise in rapidly integrating Applications, Processes, and Data in order to enable an organization to be flexible and agile.

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CI practice focuses on getting companies in the habit of regularly merging your code and validating the results through unit tests.


CD solution implements a methodology where teams working in very short cycles automate the building and testing of their code so that…


IaaS solution allows your team to create precisely configured environments on demand. Traditionally, IT organizations have relied on…


DevSecOps) is the infusion of a security mindset into the execution of a nimble and automated DevOps practice. Just as automated…


Monitoring of a DevOps environment involves the automation of the deployment and configuration of your monitoring tools as well as the development…

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